Are you ready to...

  • Navigate significant life changes with resilience?

  • Reignite passion in your mid-career journey?

  • Craft a meaningful post-retirement life?

  • Effectively guide your team through transitions and boost morale?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then Rock the Reboot is tailor-made for you.

Rock the Reboot is the ultimate guide for those navigating the turbulent waters of uncertainty and change. If you feel like you’ve come to an end and you’re unsure of how to move forward in your life or business, Rock the Reboot provides a path to come back better than EVER. This isn’t just a course about managing change; it’s a holistic roadmap to neutralizing stress, rediscovering joy, and creating the life and work you truly love.

Reboot Success Stories

“I will not forget this experience. That is what it was for me. A true experience and I walk away changed in my mindset and determined to re-set the direction for what I want and need to do in my life going forward. 1% at a time!!!”

Jocelyn (Life Reboot)

“Shawn asked the right questions to help me prioritize my goals and what I needed to focus on right now to get where I want to go. He showed he cared about me, truly listened, and then partnered with me to come up with a game plan for this phase of my life. If you’re looking for someone to push you to that next level, Shawn’s your guy.”

Greg (Career Reboot)

“I am tearing up as I write this to you because I can honestly say you have changed my life and have helped to bring back that special relationship I had come to miss so much.”

Pam (Relationship Reboot)

Course Overview

You'll have instant access to the first module so you can start today!

    1. Change Your Energy: Self-Assessment Survey (Before Module)

    2. Download and Print Your Module 2 Playbook

    3. Video 1: State Before Strategy: Why Your Energy Dictates Your Success

    4. Video 2: From Reaction to Response: Mastering Stress in Times of Change

    5. Video 3: From Resistance to Acceptance: The Power of Allowing What Is

    6. Video 4: Attention, Attitude, Action: Mastering the Keys to Transformation

    7. Video 5: Mastering Your Energy: The Essential Do's and Don'ts

    8. Video 6: Beyond the Basics: Real-Life Applications and Next Steps

    9. BONUS: "Stress Neutralizer" Heart-Centered Guided Meditation

    10. Change Your Energy: Self-Assessment Survey (After Module)

    11. Module 2 Quiz

    1. Change Your Vision: Self-Assessment Survey (Before Module)

    2. Download and Print Your Module 3 Playbook

    3. Video 1: Dare to Dream: Crafting a Vision for Your Future

    4. Video 2: Navigating Uncertainty: How a Strong Vision Guides Through Challenges

    5. Video 3: Discovering What Truly Matters: A Deep Dive into Personal Values

    6. Video 4: The Power of Purpose: Tapping into Your Divine Potential

    7. Video 5: Breathing Life into Your Vision: A Heart-Centered Approach

    8. Video 6: Crafting a Vision that Lasts: Do's and Don'ts for the Journey Ahead

    9. Video 7: Vision in Action: Real-Life Stories of Transformation and Triumph

    10. BONUS: "Reflecting on a Positive Future" Guided Meditation

    11. Change Your Vision: Self-Assessment Survey (After Module)

    12. Module 3 Quiz

    1. Change Your Expression: Self-Assessment Survey (Before Module)

    2. Download and Print Your Module 4 Playbook

    3. Video 1: Be That Which You Seek: The Journey of Authentic Expression

    4. Video 2: Beliefs Before Behaviors: Crafting a Mindset for Success

    5. Video 3: The Power of Positive Self-Talk: Rewriting Your Inner Stories

    6. Video 4: Live from the Future: Unleash the Power of Aligned Action

    7. Video 5: Using the 'Would You Rather' Technique to Overcome Behavioral Resistance

    8. Video 6: From Vision to Reality: Do's and Don'ts for Changing Your Expression

    9. Video 7: The Compound Effect: How Tiny Changes Lead to Massive Results

    10. BONUS: "Financial Abundance" Guided Meditation

    11. Change Your Expression: Self-Assessment Survey (After Module)

    12. Module 4 Quiz

    1. Change Your Results: Self-Assessment Survey (Before Module)

    2. Download and Print Your Module 5 Playbook

    3. Video 1: The Summit of Transformation: Embracing Persistence, Practice, and Progress

    4. Video 2: The Persistent Path: The Role of Daily Practice in Lasting Change

    5. Video 3: Unlocking Momentum: The Science and Spirit of Celebrating Progress

    6. Video 4: Trusting the Process: Building Your 'Faith File' for Resilience

    7. Video 5: The Power of Perspective: Embracing Gratitude in Every Moment

    8. Video 6: Anchor, Reset, Reflect: Mastering Your Daily Reboot Ritual

    9. Video 7: Your Reboot Story: Crafting the Next Chapter to Come Back Better than EVER

    10. BONUS: "How Grateful I Am" Guided Meditation

    11. Change Your Results: Self-Assessment Survey (After Module)

    12. Module 5 Quiz

Course Details

  • Nearly 5 hours of on-demand training divided into bite-size videos of 4-15 minutes each
  • 91-page "playbook" to help you truly experience the lessons
  • Your personal Reboot Success Coach to inspire you and keep you moving forward

Shawn Has Been a Trusted Guide for Professionals at Leading Organizations Such As...

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A Proven Approach

Drawing from studies in the fields of mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, and strategic intervention coaching, combined with over a decade of guiding leaders, teams, and organizations in times of change, I've distilled the journey of transformation into four essential steps that I call the Reboot Roadmap. This isn't theory; it's a tested framework that empowers you to become a change management badass with the ability to rise above any challenges that come your way.

Over $300 in Bonus Materials!

To help you truly Rock YOUR Reboot, I’m including a carefully curated selection of bonuses–including direct support from me.

  • Five guided meditations

    $49 value

    Created to complement the core training, I’ll guide you through five unique mediations to bring effortless transformation for each step on your Reboot journey

  • Two Recorded Audio Trainings

    $59 value

    Life–including reboot seasons–is all about the moments which is why I want you to have my 76-minute Mastering the Moments audio training, along with a recording of my LIVE Beyond Resilience keynote presentation where I walk you through the Reboot Roadmap and how to shift from just surviving to truly thriving.

  • Your Personal Reboot Success Coach

    $199 value

    As Ram Dass beautifully said, “We’re all just walking each other home.” I’m honored to walk with you through the course materials, but I’m also making myself available as your personal Reboot Success Coach, available by email throughout the 5-week course to answer any of your questions, celebrate your breakthroughs, and help you keep moving forward.

A Guide to Your Reboot Journey

Over the course of 32 videos (with accompanying downloadable MP3s), five guided meditations, and a 40-page "playbook" with practical exercises and questions for reflection, Rock the Reboot will help you...

  • Find Calm

    Neutralize stress and reclaim your true power as you make the shift back to living as the creator you were designed to be.

  • Find Clarity

    Reconnect with what matters most to you and see beyond the problems to imagine new possibilities for your future.

  • Find Confidence

    Discover the power of incremental progress combined with an element of trust to bring your new vision to life.


Shawn Ellis

Your Reboot Success Coach

Resilience Strategist and Keynote Speaker Shawn Ellis is Empowering High-Performance Leaders to Thrive in the Face of Change and Adversity by Going Beyond Resilience with “The Reboot Roadmap: Four Steps to Come Back Better Than EVER.” With more than 20 years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, and collaboration with the world’s top thought leaders, keynote speaker Shawn Ellis is championing a new era of resilient leadership that can adapt, evolve, and emerge stronger from adversity. His transformative framework, The Reboot Roadmap, enables individuals and organizations to not just survive challenges, but to go Beyond Resilience and thrive, returning stronger and more effective than ever before in a deeply fulfilling, human-centric work environment.


What’s on your mind?

  • When does the course begin?

    The course begins as soon as you register! You'll have instant access to the first module with a new module releasing each week (for 5 weeks). Your bonus audio trainings are also available immediately, so you can dive in and prepare yourself for the course kickoff.

  • How long do I have access to the course materials?

    You get lifetime access to Rock the Reboot so you’ll be able to return to the materials as many times as you need for support in navigating life’s reboots successfully.

  • Will I have direct access to Shawn during the program?

    Yes! You have direct email access to Shawn (you'll receive his email once you enroll) so you can reach out to him anytime during the 5-week course to celebrate your successes, ask questions if you get stuck, or ask for his advice on particular situations that may be challenging you.

  • Who is this course best for?

    This course has been designed for anyone seeking guidance and support in navigating the transitions of life (or business). It's especially great for a Mid-Career Professional who is looking reignite passion in their career, or a Recent Retiree who seeks to craft a meaningful post-retirement life, a Life Transitioner who is simply seeking insights into navigating significant life changes with resilience and grace, or an Organizational Leader/HR Professional who needs strategies to guide their team through transitions, boost morale, and ensure organizational resilience. No matter what kind of transition you’re facing, though, it’s critical that you are open-minded, willing to do the work, and seeking to grow into the best version of yourself.

  • How much time should I allocate to the course?

    To successfully consume and work with the material – i.e., do the exercises that bring the results you seek – you should plan on about 60-90 minutes a week over the 5-week period. You have complete control over how you allocate your time, though. Some people like to “schedule a meeting” with themselves to do it all in one sitting each week, while others like to work at in chunks of 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Is there any kind of guarantee on the course?

    Absolutely! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you get into the course and find that it’s not what you were looking for, or it’s not creating the impact you desire, let us know within 30 days and we’ll gladly refund your investment.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes! We have connected our shopping cart / checkout system with several providers such as Affirm and Afterpay so you can choose the payment arrangement that is best for you!

  • What if I have a question that isn’t asked here?

    We’d love to give you an answer! Please email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We want to help you make the most informed decision about your enrollment.

This Is Your Time

I have created this course with practicality in mind. That’s why, starting in the very first module, the exercises and information are designed to make an immediate impact in both your personal and professional lives. My primary goal is that you are able to rise above the challenges of the day and once again live with excitement, peace, and joy. If for any reason you feel that this course is not supporting you on that journey, I offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund on the course.

Join the ranks of those who have transformed their lives and leadership with the Reboot Roadmap. Discover the path to genuine transformation and experience what it means to truly thrive.